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Details for China glyoxal

glyoxal 107-22-2

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CAS NO : 107-22-2
EC NO : 203-474-9
MF : C2H2O2
MW : 58.0361
Specification : Colorless transparent liquid, content: 40±0.5%
Packing : dry and clean polyethylene plastic barrels with net weight 250KG.
Product description : Details 【 Features】 White transparent liquid, specific gravity 1.26. soluble in water, ether and ethanol. Chemical Property is very lively and easy to aggregate into a white resinous solid. 【Character】 Glyoxal is prepared by oxidizing glycol in the presence of a silver catalyst, with subsequent or partial condensation of glycol, glyoxal, glycol aldehyde, formaldehyde and/or water by treatment with water or aqueous glyoxal solution in fine dispersion, under specific conditions with regard to the temperature and dispersion of the treatment liquid. APPLICATION: The industrial grade glyoxal usually exists by watery solution of 40% content. ● It is an important fine chemical product which is widely used in medicine and agriculture. ● Its sub-products include: 2- methyl imidazole, imidazole, 2- methyl -5- nitryl imidazole, meth- nitrylzole, dimeizole, clotrimazole; ● It can also include glyoxalic acid with its sub-products of hordenine glycine, hordenine mattress, hordenine ethanoic acid and so on; ● It can be applied in industry, papermaking, spinning and weaving, leather processing, dying, water treatment, building materials and national defense.
Uses : widely used in medicine and agriculture.
Synonyms : Glyoxal solution;Glyoxal, 40% Solution (w/v), ULTROL Grade;ethanedial;1,2-Ethanedione;
Molecular Structure : glyoxal 107-22-2