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Details for China Sodium fluorosilicate

Sodium fluorosilicate 16893-85-9

Category :

Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

Sodium fluorosilicate
CAS NO : 16893-85-9
EC NO : 240-934-8
MF : Na2SiF6
MW : 188.054
Packing : In 25kg and 50 kg plastic woven bag lined with high pressure polyethylene plastic bag.
Product description : It is colorless hexagonal, odorless and tasteless crystal with relative density 2.679. It is hygroscopic. It is soluble in ether, insoluble in alcohol. The solubility in acid is greater than in water. It decomposes in alkaline solution and produces sodium fluoride and silicon dioxide. It is decomposed to sodium fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride by heating to 300℃. It is noxious!
Uses : It is used as antiseptic in timber industry, hygroscopic agent of acid-resisting concrete, solidifying agent in natural latex products, additive in plating with zinc, nickel, iron and filler in plastic and fluorinating agent in pharmaceuticals and drinkin
Synonyms : disodium hexafluorosilicate;Sodium Silico Fluoride;Sodium fluorosilicate;Sodium fluosilicate;destruxolapplex;disodiumhexafluorosilicate;disodiumhexafluorosilicate(2-);disodiumsilicofluoride;ens-zemweevilbait;ent1,501;fluosilicatedesodium;hexafluoro-silicate(2-disodium;Sodium Fluorsilicate;sodium fluoro(oxo)silanolate;
Molecular Structure : Sodium fluorosilicate 16893-85-9