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Details for China Magnesium fluosilicate

Magnesium fluosilicate 12449-55-7

Category :

Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

Magnesium fluosilicate
CAS NO : 12449-55-7;16949-65-8
EC NO : 241-022-2
MF : F2MgO4Si2
MW : 182.4704
Packing : In 25Kg and 50 kg woven bag with plastic lining.
Product description : It is a colourless or white rhombus or acerose, odorless crystal. d 1.788.It is not easily deliquescence, but effloresce to lose crystal water. It is dehydrated at over 80℃ and gives out gas of silicon tetrafluoride. It is easily soluble in water, soluble in dilute acid, hardly soluble in hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in alcohol. Its aqueous solution appears acidity. It reacts with alkali to form corresponding fluoride and silicon dioxide. It is noxious!
Uses : It is used as hardening agent and waterproof agent for concrete to improve rigidity and intensity, in handling fluoride efflorescence of silica building, in ceramic industry. It prevents and kills off insect pests from textile. It is used as insecticide e
Synonyms : Magnesium Fluorosilicate;magnesium bis[fluoro(oxo)silanolate];Magnesium Fluosilicate;
Molecular Structure : Magnesium fluosilicate 12449-55-7;16949-65-8