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Details for China Sodium Fluoride

Sodium Fluoride 7681-49-4

Category :

Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

Sodium Fluoride
CAS NO : 7681-49-4
EC NO : 231-667-8
MF : NaF
MW : 41.99
Specification : Sodium fluoride % ≥ 98
Product description : It is a white crystal with relative density of 2.558, mp 993℃, bp 1695℃. It is slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. Its aqueous solution is weak basic. It is soluble in hydrofluoric acid and produces sodium hydrogen fluoride. It has toxic.
Uses : It is used as insecticide in agriculture, timber preservative, slagging medium of metallurgy, analyzing reagent. It is also used in welding flux of machine planer tool, sterilization of fermentation equipment, and used to manufacture fluorine compounds.
Synonyms : Fluoride ion chromatography standard solution Fluka;Sodiumfluoridemetalsbasiswhitepowder;Sodiumfluorideopticalgradewhitextl;Sodium fluoride solution;Activity standard solution for fluoride electrode (100 ppm as fluoride);Natriumfluorid;
Molecular Structure : Sodium Fluoride 7681-49-4