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Details for China Ammonium Fluosilicate

Ammonium Fluosilicate

Category :

Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

Ammonium Fluosilicate
MF :
MW :
Packing : In 25kg plastic woven bag lined with high pressure polyethylene plastic bag.
Product description : It is a colorless rhombus or flake crystal with specific gravity of 1.52, mp 124.6℃. It is deliquescent and agglomerative easily. It is soluble in water. Its stable liquor is acidity in dry condition. It etches glass.
Uses : It is used as glass etchant, aseptic, disinfector and analytical reagent, in solution in the production of metal beryllium from beryllium oxide, in the treatment of the surface of silicon steel plate, for pottery and magnesium alloy, in chemical cleaning
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