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Scouring Agent

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Catalyst and Auxiliary/Textile Auxiliary Agent

Scouring Agent
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Product description :

Main Ingredients: Special Low-temperature Scouring Agent
Appearance: Light yellow liquid 
pH: almost neutral (1% water solution)

Product Properties:
1. low-foam, excellent grease and wax removal abilities, stable to high temperature. 
2. resistance to hard water, strong alkali and oxidant; well compatible with all kinds of pre-treatment auxiliary agents. 
3. good wetting, emulsifying, dispersing and permeation properties under alkaline condition. 
4. fabric or yarn treated with uniform whiteness, good wetting and capillary effect, accelerating 
scouring and bleaching process.

Used in the pre-treatment process for knitted /woven cotton and blended fabric.

Recommended Usage:
(A) cold pad process 
HX-810: 5-12g/L; caustic soda10-25g/L; H2O2 27.5%: 25-50g/L
(1) Cold Heap Method room-temperature padding (liquid rate about120%), film sealed, stacking at room-temperature for16-24 hours, hot water washing, cold water washing 
(2) Cold Heap Short-steaming Method room-temperature padding (liquid rate about 120%), film sealed, stacking at room-temperature for 4 hours, steaming at 105℃ for 10-20mins, hot water washing, cold water washing 
(B) Low-temperature process

HX-810: 1-2g/L, caustic soda: 2-5g/L, H2O2 30%: 4-10g/L. 45-60min-cold water washing-acid-warm water washing-effuent-dyeing

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