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Details for China Penetrant JFC

Penetrant JFC

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Catalyst and Auxiliary/Textile Auxiliary Agent

Penetrant JFC
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Product description :

Chemical Component: Polyoxyethylene ether compounds
Ionicity: non-ionic
HLB: 11-13 theoretical value

Appearance: light yellow to colorless transparent oily matter
PH: 5.0-7.0(1% aquous solution)
Cloud Point: 40-50℃(1% aquous solution)
Penetration force: ≤5 seconds(1% aqueous solution)

Easily soluble in water to form a clear transparent solution. Resistance to heat, acid, alkali, metal salt and chlorine. 
With no affinity to all kinds of fibers, it is used as penetrating agent in textile industry, applicable in sizing, de-sizing,
scouring, washing, bleaching, carbonizing and chloridizing process. Also used as a penetrant in dye bath and finish bath, 
and leather coat, a scouring agent for chemical fibers with excellent washing off property.

Recommended dosage:
1. wool washing amount: 1.5-2.0% (o.w.f)
2. penetration amount: 2-6g/L 
3. de-sizing amount: about 0.2% (o.w.f)
4. wool carbonizing: 1-1.5g/L 
5. chemical fiber scouring: 3-6g/L

Packing and Storage:
50Kg or 200Kg per drum
Store and transport according to regulations on general chemicals.

Shelf time: 2 years. 

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