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Details for China Betaine hcl

Betaine hcl 590-46-5

Category :

Food and Feed additives/Feed additives

Betaine hcl
CAS NO : 590-46-5
EC NO : 209-683-1
MF : C5H11ClNO2
MW : 152.5999
Specification : purity 98%min
Packing : 25kg/weave bag, inner PE lining
Product description : PRODUCT DESCRIPTION NAME: Betaine hcl Molecular formula: C5H11NO2.HCL CAS: 590-46-5 EINECS: 209-683-1 Other name: trimethyl glycine hydrochloride Colour: White Texture: crystal PRODUCT SUPERIORITY 1. Patented production technology no.: ZL201410059368.5 2. Less trimethylamine residues 3. Color is more white, higher purity of crystal, less impurities, lower ignition residue. 4. Superior fluidity, uniform size, and strong anti-caking ability. 5. In domestic fermentation industry, our marke share is more than 90%. FUNCTION 1. Betaine hcl is an efficient methyl group supplier and can be used to partially replace methionine and choline chloride, and is an important biological substances for the synthesis of protein and nucleic acids. 2. Betaine hcl is involved in fat metabolism, and reduces the incidence of fatty liver. 3. Betaine hcl can greatly increased the lean meat quality and quantity, and improves flesh color, and reduce drip loss. 4. Betaine hcl can ensure the healthy growth of animals, protect intestinal epithelial cells. 5. Betaine hcl can promote aquatic animal feeding, and improve the survival rate of aquatic animals. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Item Standard /RUNHOP Brand Assay ≥ 98% Loss on drying ≦0.5% Residue on ignition ≦0.5% Heavy metal (Pb) NA Arsenic NA Mercury NA Trimethylamine residue ≦300ppm Sodium Chloride 36mg/kg
Synonyms : 1-Carboxy-N,N,N-trimethylmethanaminium chloride;Betaine HCl;BETAINE CHLORIDE;carboxy-N,N,N-trimethylmethanaminium chloride;acetate, 2-(trimethylammonio)-, chloride (1:1);
Molecular Structure : Betaine hcl 590-46-5