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Details for China Sodium aluminum hydride in THF

Sodium aluminum hydride in THF 13770-96-2

Category :

Intermediates/Pharmaceutical intermediates

Sodium aluminum hydride in THF
CAS NO : 13770-96-2
EC NO : 237-400-1
MF : H4AlNa
MW : 54.0031
Specification : Concentration: 1M in THF
Packing : 1) 100g/Tin; 500g/Tin; 20kg/Barrel 2) 100ml/Glass bottle; 500ml/Glass bottle; 1L/Glass bottle; 60L/Stainless steel barrel;  70L/Stainless steel barrel; 100L/Stainless steel barrel
Product description : The pure substance of this product is white crystal, which will be decomposed to release hydrogen in moist air. Its melting point is 185℃. Flash point is -10℃. It is soluble in THF, dimethoxyethane. It is insoluble in diethyl ether. It is a strong reducing complex and its reducibility is similar as LiAlH4. It is flammable and corrosive, which must be stores in a closed, cool and dry environment.
Uses : In the organic synthesis industry, metal hydride complex is ideal hydride, used in reducing aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids into alcohol and reducing nitro group into amino group, etc. It is used in preparing high purity silane, which is used as raw
Synonyms : sodium tetrahydridoaluminate;Sodium Aluminium Hydride;sodium tetrahydridoaluminate(1-);
Molecular Structure : Sodium aluminum hydride in THF 13770-96-2