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Details for China Lithium deuteride

Lithium deuteride 13587-16-1

Category :

Intermediates/Pharmaceutical intermediates

Lithium deuteride
CAS NO : 13587-16-1
EC NO : 237-018-5
MF : 1HLi
MW : 7.9488
Specification : 1)Assay: 98%min 2)Abundance: ≥98%
Packing : 1g/ Tin; 5g/ Tin; 10g/ Tin; 50g/Tin; 100g/ Tin
Product description : The pure substance of this product is white grey powder and smelless. Melting point: 680℃, kindling point: 200℃. It is stabile under normal temperature and pressure. It can not be touch with oxide, acid, water, moist air and alcohol etc. It must be stored in the inert gas in a cool, dry ventilated place.
Uses : It is used as reducing agent in organic synthesis.
Synonyms : Lithium (2H)hydride;lithium (~1~H)hydride;
Molecular Structure : Lithium deuteride 13587-16-1