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Details for China Bisultap

Bisultap 52207-48-8

Category :


CAS NO : 52207-48-8
MF :
MW :
Specification : 30%TC,18%SL
Packing : 400g*20bottles. 650g*50bottles.800g*12bottles Package way can be customized
Product description : Bisultap belongs to a kind of broad-spectrum bionic insecticide and has a strong stomach toxicity, contact, systemic and fumigant affection. It can kill many kinds of insects and ovums on paddy, wheat, bean,vegetable, fruit, tree and so on. It can be rapidly absorbed by leaves and roots,and then transferred to all parts. It has a strong toxic action to biting mouthparts insect such as lepidopteron and can kill redspider and peach aphid and so on.
Synonyms : no data