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Details for China Anthracene

Anthracene 120-12-7

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CAS NO : 120-12-7
EC NO : 204-371-1
MF : C14H10
MW : 178.23
Product description : Anthracene is converted mainly to anthroquinone, a precursor to dyes. Anthracene is an organic semiconductor. It is used as a scintillator for detectors of high energy photons, electrons and alpha particles. Plastics, such as polyvinyltoluene, can be doped with anthracene to produce a plastic scintillator that is approximately water-equivalent for use in radiation therapy dosimetry. Anthracene's emission spectrum peaks at between 400 nm and 440 nm. It is also used in wood preservatives, insecticides, and coating materials.[citation needed] Anthracene is one of the three components (the other two being potassium perchlorate and sulfur) which are used to produce the black smoke released during a Papal Conclave
Synonyms : Paranaphtalene;anthracene, pure;Anthracenescintillationgrade;Anthracenepract;Anthracene blue fluorescence;Coal tar pitch volatiles:anthracene;
Molecular Structure : Anthracene 120-12-7