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Details for China PVA

PVA 9002-89-5

Category :

Inorganic chemicals

CAS NO : 9002-89-5
MF : (C2H4O)n
MW : 44.0526
Packing : 25kg net bag
Product description : 1.Adhesive and thickener material in latex paints, paper coatings, hairsprays, shampoos and glues. 2.Textile agent 3.barrier in (PET) bottles. 4.for use as synthetic vessels in flow testing. 5.Movie and children's play or slime when combined with . 6.Feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products as a plastic backing sheet. 7.As a because materials such as do not stick to it. 8.As a water-soluble film useful for packaging. 9.As fiber reinforcement in concrete 10.As a surfactant for the formation of polymer encapsulated nanobeads 11.Used with polyvinyl acetate to make Elmer's glue 12.Used in eye drops and hard solution as a lubricant. 13.Used in protective chemical-resistant gloves 14.Used as a for specimen collection, especially stool samples 15.When doped with iodine, PVA can be used to polarize light. 16.As an agent in medical procedures

PVA resin is a kind of heavy polymer. It is white or light yellow floc, Granular or powdery in appearance.  Its molecular formula is [CH2CHOH]n, and the molecular formula for some of the PVA is -[CH2CHOH]n-[CH2CHOOCCH3]m-. PVA is non-toxic, insipid and harmless. PVA is water-soluble and the solvent provide good viscosity and film building. It can withstand oils, lubricants, hydrocarbons and most other organic solvents. PVA has better chemical stability and insulatibility, and provide ease in firm building; It possess the typical chemical properties of polyols and can carry out process of esterification, etherealization, aceatalization etc.
In textile industry, PVOH is mainly used as a warp dressing agent, textile finishing agent and the raw material of vinylon; in construction and upholstery industry 107 glue, it's used as an additive of cement and mortar, inner and outer wall paints, and moulding board binder; and in chemical industry, it's used as a polymer emulsifying agent, dispersing agent and used to produce PVOH formal, PVOH acetal and PVOH butyral. It's used as an adhesive in lumbering and paper-making industries, used as a soil improving agent, pesticide reinforcing agent and PVOH thin film in agriculture, and used as a well-fixing agent in petroleum exploitation. It can also be used into cosmetic, medicine, printing, ceramics,
lPacking and storage
Packing: products in granulose form shall be packed with knit bags made of polypropylene and colorless medium density polythene film, with net weight of 12.5kg
Products in granular or powdery form shall be packed with knit bags made of polypropylene and colorless medium density polythene film with net weight of 20.0kg or 25.0kg.
Storage: it shall be stored indoor in a well ventilated and dry room, Prevent exposure to dampness, sunlight and rain.
Transportation: during transportation, the products shall be moved gently to prevent damaging the packing bags. Avoid direct contact with Naked flame, when fire happens, any fire fighting equipment may be use to extinguish the fire.
Uses : Polyvinyl alcohol has excellent film forming, , and properties. It is also resistant to oil, grease and . It is odorless and nontoxic. It has high tensile strength and flexibility, as well as high oxygen and aroma barrier properties. However these propert
Synonyms : PVA;polyvinyl alcohol 28-99;polyvinyl alcohol 3-98;polyvinyl alcohol 18-88;polyvinyl alcohol standard 200000;polyvinyl alcohol 15000;polyvinyl alcohol 22000;polyvinyl alcohol 49000;polyvinyl alcohol 72000;polyvinyl alcohol 100000;MOWIOL 4-88;poly(1-hydroxyethylene);POLYVINYL ALCOHOL (PVA);Polyvinyl alcohol (Release agent);POLYVINYLIC ALCOHOL;Vinyl alcohol - polymerised;Polyvinyl alcohol;Polyvinyl alcohol 1750±50;Polyvinyl alcohol film;
Molecular Structure : PVA 9002-89-5