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Details for China sodium benzoate uses

sodium benzoate uses 532-32-1

Category :

Food and Feed additives/Food additives

sodium benzoate uses
CAS NO : 532-32-1
EC NO : 208-534-8
MF : C7H5NaO2
MW : 144.1032
Specification : sodium benzoate uses
Packing : sodium benzoate uses
Product description : Sodium Benzoate E No:E211 CAS No:532-32-1 Einecs No:208-534-8 HS Code:29163100 Introduction As a high-effective preservative recommended by FAO and WHO, Potassium Sorbate can inhibit the activity of fungus, yeast and aerobic bacterium, and prevent the growth and reproduction of botulinum, staphylococcus, salmonella and other harmful microorganisms. Moreover,Potassium Sorbatev has no effect to beneficial microorganisms, such as anaerobic bacillus and acidophilus lactobacillus. Having a stronger inhibition effect than sterilization effect,Potassium Sorbate can effectively prolong the preservation time of the food without changing the original flavor. The antisepsis effect of Potassium Sorbate is 5-10 times as much as that of sodium benzoate. Appearance : White Powder Suitable Crowd Suitable use for diabetes, seniors and obese people with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease patients as replacement sugar.
Uses : sodium benzoate uses
Synonyms : Sodium benzoate;Benzoic acid sodium salt;benzoic acid sodium crystalline;benzoic acid sodium sigmaultra;Benzoic acid,sodium salt;
Molecular Structure : sodium benzoate uses 532-32-1