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Details for China use of potassium propionate

use of potassium propionate use of potassium propionate

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Food and Feed additives/Feed additives

use of potassium propionate
CAS NO : use of potassium propionate
MF :
MW :
Specification : use of potassium propionate
Packing : 25kg/bag
Product description : Potassium Propionate Specifications Potassium Propionate Appearance:White or colorless crystals Grade:Food grade preservative Certificate:KOSHER,HALAL,ISO14001,I Chemical name Potassium propionate C.A.S. number 327-62-8 Chemical formula C3H5KO2 Structural formula CH3CH2COO-K+ Formula weight 112.17 Assay Not less than 99.0 % on the dried basis DESCRIPTION White or colourless crystals FUNCTIONAL USES Preservative, antimould and antirope agent CHARACTERISTICS IDENTIFICATION Solubility Freely soluble in water, soluble in ethanol Positive test for potassium Passes test Positive test for propionate Warm the sample with sulfuric acid. The propionic acid evolved may be recognized by its odour. Positive test for alkali salt of organic acid Ignite the sample at a relatively low temperature. The alkaline residue effervesces with Application: Potassium propionate can work as a food additive, which with the E number 283 in the Codex Alimentarius. Potassium propionate can be widely used as a preservative in all kinds of products, Not only in bread, as a mold inhibitor, typically at 0.1-0.4%, other baked products, used in producing meat, whey, and other dairy products and so on.
Uses : Food, Feed , Pharmaceuticals
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