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Details for China sodium acetate safety

sodium acetate safety 127-09-3

Category :

Food and Feed additives/Food additives

sodium acetate safety
CAS NO : 127-09-3
EC NO : 204-823-8
MF : C2H3NaO2
MW : 82.03
Specification : sodium acetate safety
Packing : 25kg/bag
Product description : Sodium Acetate Properties: Trihydrate sodium acetate is a kind of colorless, odorless crystal, flammable, soluble in water and ethanol, slightly soluble in acetic. Special gravity:1.45, melting point:58 ℃. Anhydrous sodium acetate, white powder, special gravity:1.528,melting point:324 ℃ . Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. Trihydrate Sodium Acetate: CAS No.: 6131-90-4 Molecular formula: CH3COONa-3H2O Molecular weight: 136.08 Anhydrous Sodium Acetate: CAS No.: 127-09-3 Molecular formula: CH3COONa Molecular weight: 82.03
Uses : Food, Feed , Pharmaceuticals
Synonyms : sodium ethanoate;Acetic acid sodium salt anhydrous;Sodium Acetate, Anhydrous;Anhydrous sodium acetate;Sodium acetate;Acetic acid, sodium salt;Acetic acid sodium salt;acetate sodium anhydrous;Sodium Acetate,Anhydrous;
Molecular Structure : sodium acetate safety 127-09-3