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Magnesium Fertilizer

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Inorganic chemicals

Magnesium Fertilizer
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As a major part of the chlorophyll molecule, magnesia(Mg) is as important to crops, as vitamins are to the human body. It can advance photosynthesis, enhance disease resistance, and stimulate the absorption of more phosphorus. If there is not enough magnesia(Mg) in the soil, plant growth is stunted: photosynthesis and chlorophyll are reduced. A good solution to this problem is to add mgo-granular fertilizer, as itnot only rich Mg but some other necessary minor elements.

The mgo-granular fertilizer we produce has characteristics such as good solubility, contains. slow release, instant solubilization in water and even stores for a long term. It has high absorption in soils, and can be used separately or mixed with other compound fertilizerin farming, pastures, and grassland keeping the soils fertile and healthy, and improving production.

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