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Details for China dodecenylsuccinic acid

dodecenylsuccinic acid 29658-97-7

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Organic chemicals and Derivatives

dodecenylsuccinic acid
CAS NO : 29658-97-7
EC NO : 249-757-0
MF : C16H28O4
MW : 284.3911
Product description : Specification Basic information Product Name: Dodecenylsuccinic acid (T746) Product Brand: HC Product No.: D8977 CAS No.: 29658-97-7 Molecular Formula: C16H28O4 Molecular Weight: 284.38g/mol Chemical Structure: Technical data Appearance: Clear viscous liquid PH Value: ≥ 4.2 Acid value (mg KOH/g): 235-395 Copper corrosion (100℃, 3h): ≤ 1 grade Liquid phase rust test: not rusting Application This product is an excellent antirust agent and has a good oil solubility and strong adsorption capacity. When added into oil, it helps to form a strong oil film to prevent the metal surface from rust and corrosion which is not only applied in modulating anti-rusting turbine oil, machine oil, hydraulic oil and hydraulic transmission oil, but also applied in modulating sealing anti-rusting oil, lubricating-antirust oil, antirust compound, antirust grease and etc. Package 20kg/drum or according to customer requirements. Storage Refer to SH/T0164 during the storage, loading and modulating processes. Storage temperature is 45~75 ℃.
Synonyms : 2-[(1E)-dodec-1-en-1-yl]butanedioic acid;2-dodec-1-enylbutanedioic acid;
Molecular Structure : dodecenylsuccinic acid 29658-97-7