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Details for China Petroleum resins

Petroleum resins 64742-16-1

Category :

Adhesives and Sealants

Petroleum resins
CAS NO : 64742-16-1
EC NO : 265-116-8
MF :
MW :
Product description :

C5 Hydrocarbon Resin for adhesive

1.Product Introduction: Hydrocarbon Resins have become the industry standards in the adhesive and sealant industry worldwide. HR--A series Hydrocarbon Resin are suitable for Adhesives.They have excellent compatibility with EVA,APAO, styrene block polymers(such as SIS, SBS, SEBS), Natural Rubber and many kinds of synthetic rubbers,as well as natural tackifier resins(such as terpene, colophonyl and its derivatives).They provide enhanced performance in Hot Melt Adhesive applications.

2.Application: HR-A series Hydrocarbon Resin are suitable for adhesives,including quick packaging adhesives,bookbinding adhesives,wood adhesive,adhesive tape and glue sticks.They also can be used singly as tackifier resin in adhesive,and can also be used in blends with different resins to improve adhesive performance.

C5 Hydrocarbon Resin (other name: C5 Petroleum Resin) for Hot Melt Road Marking Paint

1.Product Introduction: HR-R5300 and HR-R5301 Hydrocarbon Resin are special resins for holt melt road marking paints,which can enhance the tenacity.rigidity and adhesive force of dope and form smooth paint surface.

2.Application: HR-R5300 and HR-R5301 Hydrocarbon Resin are special hydrocarbon resins for holt melt road marking paints.

Hydrocarbon Resin for Tire Rubber Compounding

1.Product Introduction: HR-RT Series Hydrocarbon Resin (other name: Petroleum Resin)are widely used in Tire Rubber Compounding. The resins are well compatible with natural Rubber(NR), many kinds of synthetic rubber (including SBR, BR, CR, NBR, IIR and EPDM), Polyethylene, Polypropylene, SIS, SEBS, EVA as well as natural tackifier resins (such as terpene, colophony and its derivative).

2.Application: In the process of Rubber Compounding they can act as tackifier, reinforcer, extender and processing oil.

C9 Hydrocarbon Resin (other name C9 Petroleum Resin)

1.Product Introduction: This product is belong to our THANKYOU CHEM C9 category. It has the properties of good solubility, mutual solubility, water resistance, insulation and very good chemical stability over acid and alkali, and good adhesive strength and lower heat conduction, etc. as well.

2.Application: There are three different color range for our C9 product, light color, normal color and dark color. Light color 3-5# is used for hot melt pressure Sensitive Adhesive, solvent pressure Sensitive Adhesive, hot melt binder. Normal color 8-11# is used for paint, ink, hot melt pressure Sensitive Adhesive, solvent pressure Sensitive Adhesive.Dark color 17-18 is used for paint, ink, waterproof material,

Synonyms : Petrolium Resin;Resins, petroleum;hydrocarbon resin, postpolymerised with maleic anhydride;Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked, polymd.;Aliphatic hydrocarbon resins;Petroleum resins;distillates, petroleum, steam cracked, polymerised;hydrocarbon resin (unspecified);Petroleum resin;C5 Petroleum Resin;C9 Petroleum Resin;Hydrocarbon Resin;C9 petroleum resins;C5 petroleum resins;Petroleum Resin C9;Petroleum Resin C5;Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin C5;