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About Us

Jiangsu tenglong biological &medicinal co.,ltd. is a provincial group corporation with such industries as biopesticide, fine chemicals as the core sections and involves building materials, textiles, biochemical water treatment, vocational education, offshore trade, etc. Our company is the host organization for Resource & Environment Section of key project in National 863 Plan. Phenthoate,applied to replace riskiest pesticide, is a key product recommended by national Agricultural Administration, and we have the honor to produce it exclusively in China; our new fungicides--- KEJUNthat is of our own proprietary intellectual property rights is titled as an important scientific technical achievement of Jiangsu Province; with high-tech film treating technology, a bio-chemical watertreating project, which has a daily capacity of 200000 tons, has been set up by us and a company from Singapore; besides, we also operate a national 5-star vocational school witha registered student number of 10000. You can find our location in the core center of Jiangsu Coastal Great Development and your visits and cooperation are highly appreciated for a win-win situation and a bright future!

Jiangsu tenglong biological &medicinal co.,ltd.has 11 technical products production lines with an annual production of 100 thousand tons. Main products include pesticides, surrogate products against riskiest pesticide: Phenthoate, Dimethoate, Imidacloprid etc; herbicides: glyphosate, acetochlor, butachlor, pretilachlor, Trifluralin, thifensulfuron etc; new bactericide types: KEJUN and so on, among which 96-98% Dimethoate raw powder, 95% Phenthoate raw oil, 95% acetochlor raw oil, butachlor raw oil, and pretilachlor raw oil, 95% Thifensulfuron-methyl raw oil are far sold to 27 countries and regions; Dimethoate production is the largest around China; Phenthoate is only produced by our company in China, listed among the key types for popularizing by AgriculturalAdministration, and the product to replace riskiest pesticide; KEJUNis the type with our own proprietary intellectual property rights, newly created bactericide and has got the title of Jiangsu Province Great Scientific and Technological Achievements; Thifensulfuron-methyl is a national firstly registered product and listed among State-debt Projects. Dimethoate and Phenthoate are ranked asFamous-brand Product of Jiangsu Province.

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