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Details for China Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose 9000-11-7

Category :

Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose
CAS NO : 9000-11-7;177317-30-5;191616-54-3;196886-89-2;204336-41-4
MF : C8H16O8
MW : 240.206
Specification : Product Type: DLCHEM-601
Packing : 25kg/plastic woven bag
Product description :

1) Molecular formula: C6H7O2(OH)2OCH2COO2

2) Appearance: white or yellowish fiber, granules, powder.

3) Can form high viscosity colloid solution.

4) Water soluble, insoluble in alcohol, ethanol, benzene, chloroform and other organic solvents.

5) Long life, resistant to animal and vegetable oils and not effected by illumination.

Usage : 1). Suspending agent, water loss reducer, sealant, gluing agent, thickener, emulsifying agent, stabilizer, dispersing agent
2). Industries used in: oil well drilling, ore drilling, textiles, ceramics, food industry, toothpaste industry, detergent in
Synonyms : carboxy-methyl cellulose;carboxymethyl cellulose;cellulose carboxymethyl ether;cmc-4lf;carbose;carboximethylcellulosum;carboxymethyl cellulose ether;carboxymethylated cellulose pulp;carboxymethylcellulose;carboxymethylcellulosum;carmellose;carmellosum;carmelosa;cellulose gum 7h;cellulose carboxymethylate;cellulose, (carboxymethyl);cellulose, ether with glycolic acid;celluloseglycolic acid;colloresine;croscarmellose;croscarmellosum;cm-cellulose;FEMA No. 2239;Duodcel;Glycocel TA;hexose - acetic acid (1:1);
Molecular Structure : Carboxy Methyl Cellulose 9000-11-7;177317-30-5;191616-54-3;196886-89-2;204336-41-4