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Details for China Sodium methoxide

Sodium methoxide 124-41-4

Category :

Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals

Sodium methoxide
CAS NO : 124-41-4
EC NO : 204-699-5
MW : 54.0237
Specification : Liquid
Packing : metal pail 180kg
Product description :

1.Molecular formula:CH3ONa

2.Molecular weight:54.04

Index name Value

Appearance milky white or yellow thick Liquid

Assay 27.5~31%

Free alkali≤ 1.0%

3.Uses:  used in the synthesis and medicine

4. Characteristics:

  It can get high concentration of Sodium methoxide, low Free alkali , it can remove the impurities of alcohol types, therefore, concentration of Na2CO3 in this method is lower than that of alkali method, it can get higher quality and yield

Synonyms : Sodium methylate (powder/solution) (NM);sodium methanolate;Sodiummethoxide;Sodium methylate;Sodium methylate-methanol solution;methanol, sodium salt (1:1);NA 1289;metilatosodico;methylatedesodium;methoxysodium;Methanol,sodiumsalt;Methanol,sodium salt;feldalatnm;
Molecular Structure : Sodium methoxide 124-41-4