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Details for China Magnesium

Magnesium 7439-95-4

Category :


CAS NO : 7439-95-4
EC NO : 231-104-6
MF : Mg
MW : 24.305
Specification : powder granular
Product description :

Name:Magnesium powder & Magnesium granular

Magnesium granular and Magnesium powder are two of nonferrous materials which is fasily to be widely used in mordern high technology such as the firing head of missile,spacecraft parts and light bome.It can be used in desulfrization in steel, metallurgic castling ,also is used in spice ,sigle cryststa lline silicon,phamcology etc..It has vast market perspect with the rapid development of modern industry.It will become more and more important as row material.

Our company can produce magnesium powder with the brand of FM1,FM2,FM3,FM4,FM5 and so on.

Synonyms : Magnesium turnings for Grignards (99.8%);MagnesiumpowderNmesh;MagnesiumrodNcagrodmmdiaxmmlong;Magnesiumgranulesmesh;Magnesium metal powder;MagnesiumpowderN;Magnesiumchips;Magnesium rod (99.9%) 3N;Magnesium solution 1000 ppm;Magnesium solution 10 000 ppm;Magnesium metal ribbon;Magnesium metal turnings;Magnesium powder;Magnesium metal;
Molecular Structure : Magnesium 7439-95-4