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Details for China L-Valine

L-Valine 72-18-4

Category :

Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals/Vitamin, amino acids and coenzymes

CAS NO : 72-18-4
EC NO : 200-773-6
MF : C5H11NO2
MW : 117.1478
Product description : Synonyms:Valine,L- (8CI);(+)-2-Amino-3-methylbutyric acid;(2S)-2-Amino-3-methylbutanoic acid;(S)-2-Amino-3-methylbutanoic acid;(S)-Valine;(S)-a-Amino-b-methylbutyric acid;2-Amino-3-methylbutanoic acid;Butanoic acid,2-amino-3-methyl-, (S)-;L-(+)-a-Aminoisovaleric acid;L-a-Amino-b-methylbutyricacid;NSC 76038;Valine;H-Val-OH; Molecular Weight:117.15 EINECS:200-773-6 Density:1.064 g/cm3 Melting Point:295-300 °C (subl.)(lit.) Boiling Point:213.642 °C at 760 mmHg Flash Point:83.008 °C Solubility:85 g/L (20 °C) in water Appearance:White crystalline powder Hazard Symbols:Xn Risk Codes:40 Safety:24/25-36-22Details
Synonyms : L-2-Amino-3-methylbutyric acid;L-Valine, FCC Grade L-2-Amino-3-methylbutyric acid, FCC Grade;H-Val-OH;2-Amino-3-methylbutanoic acid;Lvaline;L-2-Aminoisovaleric acid;(S)-(+)-2-Amino-3-methylbutyric acid;;1-2-Amino-3-methylbutyric acid;Valine;
Molecular Structure : L-Valine 72-18-4