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About Us

Triton ChemTech is a miraculous enterprise. It has been the first producer of several chemicals in China since its foundation in 2003.

It is the first and unique producer of 3, 3’-Diaminobenzidine.

It is the first and unique producer of high pure H-TEMPO.

It is the unique commercial producer of 4-Oxo-TEMPO.

Triton ChemTech is a technology company. It is expert at scale up, separation by reaction, precise-controlled oxidation reaction, etc. All its technologies have matured during commercial production.

Triton ChemTech is a professional company. It covers its activities across the whole value chain from R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing. It has developed into a leading supplier with brand and patent of alkene polymerization inhibitor and retarder, flavor and fragrance, derivatives of Vitamins, compounds like those containing thiazole, thiophene ring. Triton ChemTech is expert at supplying products to satisfy the special requirement of the clients.


Expert at scale-up, stereospecific synthesis, separation with reaction, precise controlled oxidation reaction  Mission

We care for earth. We do our best to reduce pollution by continuous technological progress.


We are dedicated to become a professional and respectable enterprise and create value for customers, personnel, shareholders and society based on co-operation, innovation and responsibility.


Customer first, integrity-based

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Fax : +86-21-68769095
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