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Details for China Formic acid

Formic acid 64-18-6

Category :

Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Formic acid
CAS NO : 64-18-6
EC NO : 200-579-1
MF : CH2O2
MW : 46.02
Specification : 85%,99%
Packing : 240-250 kg/plastic drum
Product description :
Physical and chemical properties Color and odor status: colorless transparent liquid with pungent odor : colorless transparent liquid with pungent odor.
Toxicity: low toxicity Flammability: flammable (flammable)
Density: 1.22℃ Volatility: Volatile
Corrosivity: Corrosion    Boiling point: 100.8℃
Flash point: 68.9℃ Stability: stable
Melting point: 8.2 ℃, high concentration of formic acid is easy to freeze in winter Acidity and alkaline: strong acidity
Decomposability: Slowly decompose into carbon monoxide and water at room temperature
Solubility: miscible with water, insoluble in hydrocarbons, miscible in alcohols.
Uses Formic acid is one of the basic organic chemical raw materials and is widely used in pesticide, leather, dye, medicine and rubber industries. Formic acid can be used directly in fabric processing, leather tanning, textile printing and dyeing and green fodder storage. It can also be used as a metal surface treatment agent, rubber auxiliary and industrial solvent. In organic synthesis, it is used to synthesize various formate, acridine dyes and formamide series of pharmaceutical intermediates.
Hazard category Class 8.1 Acid corrosive products
Fire-fighting measures Extinguishing agent: alcohol-resistant foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide. Precautions for fire fighting: Fire fighters must wear full protective clothing and oxygen breathing apparatus to extinguish the fire. Use water to keep the fire container cool, and use water spray to protect the personnel who remove the leakage
Emergency treatment Inhalation: quickly leave the scene to a place with fresh air. Keep the airway open. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops, give artificial respiration immediately and seek medical attention. Ingestion: Rinse mouth with water, drink milk or egg white. Seek medical attention. Skin contact: Take off contaminated clothing immediately, rinse with plenty of running water, at least 15 minutes, and seek medical attention. Eye contact: Lift the eyelid immediately, rinse thoroughly with plenty of running water or saline for at least 15 minutes, and seek medical attention.
Packaging, storage, transportation Packed in plastic drum, 240-250 kg/drum, stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature does not exceed 30℃, and the relative humidity does not exceed 85%. Keep the container tightly closed. It should be stored separately from oxidants, alkalis, and active metal powders, and avoid mixed storage. Equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment. The storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and suitable storage materials.
Uses : industrial\medicine\agriculture
Synonyms : FormicacidAmeisensure;Acide formique;Acido formico;Ameisensaeure;Bilorin;Collo-bueglatt;Formira;Formisoton;Hydrogen carboxylic acid;Kwas metaniowy;Kyselina mravenci;Mierenzuur;Myrmicyl;methanoic acid;Formic acids;
Molecular Structure : Formic acid 64-18-6