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Details for China thiourea

thiourea 62-56-6

Category :


CAS NO : 62-56-6
EC NO : 200-543-5
MW : 140.1185
Packing : 25kg bags(20mt/FCL).
Product description :

white crystal with luster, taste sour, capable of decomposing when heated, soluble in water, and also can produce complex compound with many metal and inorganic salts..

Uses : designed as the thiazole drug (such as sulfamoxole, tetramisole), and intermediate of medicine for checking thyropathy; in textile industries, they can be used as bleacher, dyeing aids and anti oxidation agents; In blue-print paper, it features in clear l
Synonyms : 2-Thiourea;Isothiourea;sulfocarbamide;sulfouren;sulourea;Thiocarbamide;Thiurea;THU;thio arbamid;sulphourea;carbamoylsulfamic acid;
Molecular Structure : thiourea 62-56-6