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Details for China tert-amyl alcohol

tert-amyl alcohol 75-85-4

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tert-amyl alcohol
CAS NO : 75-85-4
EC NO : 200-908-9
MF : C5H12O
MW : 88.1482
Packing : 165kg iron drum(13.2MT/FCL).
Product description :

eadily flammable colorless liquid with special camphor odor when burning,soluble in water.Specific gravity 0.809,melting point -11.9癈,boiling point 101.8癈,self-igniting point 437.2癈.

Uses : Used in synthetic perfume and as raw material of color former of color film,the plasticizer manufacture,floating agent of nonferrous metal and paint resolvent,also can be used as lubricating oil,hydraulic fluid and additives of other petroleum products.
Synonyms : tert-Amyl alcohol;1,1-Dimethyl-1-propanol;tert-Pentyl alcohol;T-amyl alcohol;2-methylbutan-2-ol;
Molecular Structure : tert-amyl alcohol 75-85-4