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Details for China sodium thiosulfate

sodium thiosulfate 10102-17-7

Category :

Inorganic chemicals

sodium thiosulfate
CAS NO : 10102-17-7
EC NO : 231-867-5
MF : Na2O3S2.5H2O
MW : 248.17414
Packing : 25Kg or 50Kg composite plastic bag with inner film
Product description :

CAS NO.10102-17-7 MW:248.17EC NO.:MF: Na2S2O35H2OPacking: 25Kg or 50Kg composite plastic bag with inner filmProduct descrtiption:white monoclinic system crystal, odorless; relative density 1.729(17℃)。m.p.40~45℃; will lose water at 100℃; easily soluble in water(week acid); easy efflorescence at 33℃above; deliquesce in humid air. Use:Mainly used as dechlorinating agent and printing & dyeing auxiliaries and fixing solution; also used in pharmacy, pesticides, leathers, textiles, paper making etc; it can also be used as reducing agent, bleaching agent and antidote.

Synonyms : Sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate;ametox;nsc-45624;Sodiumthiosulfate,pentahydrat;Sulfothiorine;thiosulfuricacid(h2s2o3),disodiumsalt,pentahydrate;Thiosulfuricacid(H2S2O3)disodiumsalt,pentahydrate;Thiosulfuricacid,disodiumsalt,pentahydrate;disodium sulfurothioate;sodium sulfurothioate hydrate (2:1:5);HYPO;
Molecular Structure : sodium thiosulfate 10102-17-7