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Details for China p-Phenylenediamine

p-Phenylenediamine 106-50-3

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CAS NO : 106-50-3
EC NO : 203-404-7
MF : C6H8N2
MW : 108.1411
Packing : 50Kg internal membrane Cardboard Barrel
Product description :

CAS NO.106-50-3 MW:108.14EC NO.: 203-404-7MF: C6H8N2Packing: 50Kg internal membrane Cardboard BarrelProduct description:This is uses to the nitryl monochlorbenzol after craft and so onammoniation, return to original state, multistage fine distill,purification makes. The product for the white transparent crystal, YiRongyu the ether, the ethyl alcohol, the acetone and so on the organicsolvent, dissolves to the hot water. The melting point 140℃, is theviolently poisonous chemical. Use:This is the important dye intermediate, mainly uses in to make the azodyes and the sulfur dye. Also may make fur black D, fur blue black DBas well as the rubber anti oxident, but also may serve as the gasoline and the developing agent raw material. Moreover in gathersbecomes a useful adult anticipates in other most advanced techniquesto apply extremely widely.

Synonyms : C.I. 76060;C.I. Developer 13;C.I. Oxidation Base 10;1,4-Benzenediamine;1,4-Diaminobenzene;1,4-Phenylenediamine;para Phenylene diamine;P-Phene Diamine;3,4-Dichloraniline;1,4-benzenediamie;benzene-1,4-diamine;P-PHENYLENE DIAMINE;P-PHENYLENE DIAMINE FLAKE;PDA;P-diamino benzene;P-PDA;
Molecular Structure : p-Phenylenediamine 106-50-3