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Details for China oxalyl chloride

oxalyl chloride 79-37-8

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oxalyl chloride
CAS NO : 79-37-8
EC NO : 201-200-2
MF : C2Cl2O2
MW : 126.9262
Packing : 250kg plastic drum covered with iron drum.
Product description :

Colorless,smoky liquid with a sharp irritant flavour,the product can be mixed with benzene and ether,in contact with water and alcohol,a strong reaction will occur and chloride hydrogen will be decomposed.The product is toxic and corrosive.

Uses : Used as an important intermediate for sulfonylurea-weed-killer and for the chemical synthesizing of medicines,and it can also be used as a fine-quality acylating agent for polyamide,chemical cold-light,liquid crystal etc in the chemical industry.
Synonyms : Oxalic Dichloride;Oxalicdichloride;Oxaloyl Chloride;Oxaloylchloride;Oxalyl Dichloride;Oxalic Acid Chloride;Oxalic Acid Dichloride;Ethanedioyl Chloride;Ethanedioyl Dichloride;
Molecular Structure : oxalyl chloride 79-37-8