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Details for China amino guanidine bicarbonate

amino guanidine bicarbonate 2582-30-1

Category :

Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals

amino guanidine bicarbonate
CAS NO : 2582-30-1
EC NO : 219-956-7
MF : C2H6N4O3
MW : 134.0951
Packing : 25kg plastic woven bags lined with polythene bag(16MT/FCL).
Product description :

Molecular formula:CH6N4·H2CO3;C2H8N4O

Molecular weight:136.11


Assay(as dry basis): 99%min

Insolubles: 0.02%max

Loss on drying: 0.15%max

Ignition residue: 0.01%max

Chloride: 0.01%max

Sulfate: 0.002%max

Iron: 8ppm max

Uses : Used as intermediate in organic synthesis,medicine and dyestuff,also can be used as foaming agent
Synonyms : Aminoguanidine hydrogen carbonate;aminoguanidinium hydrogen carbonate;Aminoguanidine hicarbonate;carbonic acid - carbonohydrazonic diamide (1:1);1-aminoguanidine carbonate;Aminoguanidine carbonic acid;Amino guanidine bicarbonate:
Molecular Structure : amino guanidine bicarbonate 2582-30-1