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Details for China Propyl Paraben

Propyl Paraben 94-13-3

Category :

Organic chemicals and Derivatives/Acid, ester and anhydride compounds

Propyl Paraben
CAS NO : 94-13-3
EC NO : 202-307-7
MF : C10H12O3
MW : 180.2005
Packing : 20kg in laminated aluminium film bag lined cardboard drum
Uses : It is water soluble antiseptic, with the features of security, high efficiency and broad-spectrum. Widely used in pharmaceutical industry; food industry; textile. or used in the preservation of cosmetics, feed and daily products.
Synonyms : Propylparaben;Parabens;4-Hydroxybenzoic acid propyl ester;Propyl chemsept;protaben p;pulvis conservans;Solbrol P;tegosept p;4-hydroxybenzoic propyl ester;p-hydroxy propyl benzoate;aseptoform p;betacide p;bonomold op;Chemacide PK;Chemocide PK;Chemoside PK;nipagin p;Nipasol;nipasol m;nipasol p;nipazol;n-Propyl paraben;n-propyl p-hydroxybenzoate;paseptol;preserval p;propagin;Propyl paraben;Propyl Parasept;propyl aseptoform;propyl butex;Propyl Chemosept;Propyl-P-Hydroxybenzoate;Propyl-P-Hydroxy Benzoate;Propyl Nipasol;Propyl Hydroxybenzoate;Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate;
Molecular Structure : Propyl Paraben 94-13-3