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Details for China O-Nitroanisole

O-Nitroanisole 91-23-6

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CAS NO : 91-23-6
EC NO : 202-052-1
MF : C8H11NO3
MW : 169.1778
Packing : in two specifications of 200kg plastic barrel and iron drum
Product description :

CAS NO.91-23-6 MW: 153.14EC NO.: 202-052-1MF: C7H7NO3Packing: in two specifications of 200kg plastic barrel and iron drumProduct description:The product is made up from o-nitrochlorobenzene by adopting the process of methoxylation, and multi-stage rectification etc. The product is a leuko and transparent oily liquid and is easier to dissolve in organic solvent such as ethyl ether, alcohol and acetone but is difficult to dissolve in water. It can be volatile with the vapor and melting point is 10.4℃. It is a highly toxic chemical product. Use:The product is used for synthesis of dye, medicine and aromatic industrial products and can be used to synthesize o-Aminoanisole, Naphthol AS-OL, Fast Red B Base, Direct Lake Blue 6B, activated Deep Blue KD-7G and Washing agent LS etc and is an important intermediate of organic chemicals for synthesis of the relevant products.

Synonyms : 2-Methoxynitrobenzene;o-Nitro Anisole;o-NitroAnisole;l-Methoxy-2nitrobenzene;1-methoxy-2-nitrobenzene;
Molecular Structure : O-Nitroanisole 91-23-6