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Details for China Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether

Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether 111-90-0

Category :

Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether
CAS NO : 111-90-0
EC NO : 203-919-7
MF : C6H14O3
MW : 134.17536
Packing : 200kgs net iron drum(1x20'FCL=16mts)
Product description :

Molecular Formula: C6H14O3CAS Number: 111-90-0Description: mp: -76癈Density: 0.999 g/ml at 25癈bp: 197癈Fp: 93癈SpecificationAssay: 99% min Moisture: 0.1% max Acidity: 0.01% max

Synonyms : 1-hydroxy-3,6-dioxaoctane;poly-solv de;solvolsol;transcutol;2-(beta-ethoxyethoxy)ethanol;2-(ethoxyethoxy)ethanol;o-ethyldigol;3,6-dioxa-1-octanol;3,6-dioxaoctan-1-ol;APV;Diethylene glycol ethyl ether;Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether;diglycol;diglycol monoethyl ether;dioxitol;Carbitol;carbitol cellosolve;dowanol;dowanol de;ektasolve de;ethanol, 2,2'-oxybis-, monoethyl ether;ethoxy diglycol;ethyl diethylene glycol;ethyl digol;Ethyl Carbitol;ethylene diglycol monoethyl ether;losungsmittel apv;monoethyl ether of diethylene glycol;2,2'-oxydiethanol-ethoxyethane (1:1);DECS;2(2-Ethoxyethoxy)ethanol;
Molecular Structure : Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether 111-90-0