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Details for China Isoamylene

Isoamylene 563-46-2

Category :

Organic chemicals and Derivatives/Basic organic raw materials

CAS NO : 563-46-2
EC NO : 209-250-7
MF : C5H10
MW : 70.1329
Specification : Sum of isoamylenes: ≥99%
Packing : Bulk or 200L drum
Product description :

Product information:

Product name:                  Isoamylene
Molecular formula:          C5H10
Formula Weight:              70.06
Synonyms:                        2-methyl-1-butene; 2-methyl-2-butene
CAS:                                   563-46-2; 513-35-9

 Physical and Chemical Properties:

Density:                                                                      0.65-0.66 kg/l
Boiling Point:                                                             31-38℃
Boiling range of the 2-MB-2/2-MB-1 mixture:      34.5-36℃
Melting Point:                                                            -134℃ 
Vapor Pressure(mbar):                                              477 (18℃)

Specification of Isoamylene:

Appearance Colorless Liquid
Sum of isoamylenesWT%99 MIN
2-methyl-2-buteneWT%88 MIN
MethanolWT%0.05 MAX
Dimethyl etherWT%0.05 MAX
WaterWT%0.03 MAX
Color value (Pt-Co) 30 MAX

Isoamylene can be used for production of pinacolone, flavor enhancer, spice, crop protectants, tertiary amyl phenol,2,4-di-tert-pentyl-pheno antioxidant, photosensitive material, concrete dispersant, etc.
Packing: Bulk or 200L drum
Storage & Transportation
Storage: Stored at low temperature and well ventilated place with good air circulation, kept away from open fire, heat source and direct sunlight.
Transportation: As hazardous matters class I, the bulk can be handled by tank truck.

Uses : It can be used for production of pinacolone,flavor enhancer,spice,Crop protectants,tertiary amyl phenol,2,4-di-tert-pentyl-pheno antioxidant,photosensitive material,concrete dispersant, etc.
Synonyms : 2-Methylbutene-1-yl;
Molecular Structure : Isoamylene 563-46-2