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Details for China Phenol

Phenol 108-95-2

Category :

Organic chemicals and Derivatives

CAS NO : 108-95-2
EC NO : 203-632-7
MF : C6H6O
MW : 94.11
Product description : Aspirin and paracetamol Disinfectant products Antioxidants (Alkyl phenol) Surfactants (Alkyl phenol) Polymerization inhibitors Sulphonated intermediates Polycarbonate engineered plastics Polyamide 6 and 66 engineered plastics (caprolactam, adipic acid) Lubricants for oils, fuels and motors Electric household appliances (polycarbonate + phenolic resins) TV monitors (MMA, polycarbonate) Plastics (polycarbonate) which are used to produce mobile phone and computer bodies, as well as CDs and DVDs Resin used to stick glass wool / rock wool to the support Laminated panels (resins) which are increasingly used for business or administrative building walls Plywood (phenolic resins) Acrylic glass (methyl methacrylate) Some carpet fibres made of polyamide synthetic fibres and in some sport clothes Wood (phenolic resins) Abrasives Insulated materials (phenolic resins) Essential component of bisphenol A and epoxy resins which are used for some internal can coatings UV stabilizers for some plastics (alkyl phenol) Synthetic vanilla Component for bisphenol A for polycarbonate and epoxy resin when combined with acetone.
Synonyms : phenol, pure;Phenol, MB Grade (1.07632);Phenol, Molecular Biology Grade;Phenol water saturated solution,DNase,RNase,Protease free,stab.;Phenol liquified 80% w/w in water;Phenol detached crystals;Poly(4-hydroxy)styrene;OXYBENZENE;PHENIC ACID;PHENOL, LIQUEFIED;PHENOL LIQUIFIED;PHENOL REAGENT;PHENOL SATURATED, PH 4.5;PHENOL SINGLE PHASE BUFFER,SATURATED;Hydroxybenzene;DetailsPhenol;Coking phenol;
Molecular Structure : Phenol 108-95-2