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Povidone K90 9003-39-8

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Povidone K90
CAS NO : 9003-39-8
MF : (C6H9NO)n
MW : 111.143
Product description : Pharmaceutical industry: PVP-K90 (pharmaceutical grade) is one of the new pharmaceutical synthetic excipients, which can be used as a binder, sustained release agent for tablets and granules, and a cosolvent and stabilizer for injections. It can also be used as a glidant, dispersant for liquid preparations and colorants, stabilizers for enzymes and heat-sensitive drugs, as well as co-precipitation agents for poorly soluble drugs, prolonged effects of eye drops, lubricants, coatings, and so on. There are hundreds of drugs using PVP as excipients.
Synonyms : Polyvinyl pyrrolidone;Povidone;PVP;PVP-K;PVP-K17;PVP-K25;Polyvinylpyrrolidine;PVP-K30;PVP K 30;PVP-K90;poly vinyl pyrrolidone;K-30;Crospovidone;Polyinylpyrrolidone;Polyvinglpyrrolidone;PVP K30/K90;K30;PVP K30;Povidone K25 K30 K90;poly vinyl pyrrolidinone(K=90)urethane;POVIDONE K-17;
Molecular Structure : Povidone K90 9003-39-8