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Details for China Silicon Removal Agents

Silicon Removal Agents

Category :

Catalyst and Auxiliary/Textile Auxiliary Agent

Silicon Removal Agents
MF :
MW :
Product description : HX-824 Detergent LS

HX-845 Silicon Removal Agent

Composition: Eco-friendly and high boiling point solvent derivatives

Appearance: colorless to light yellow thick liquid
Functional component: ≥90%
PH (1% aqueous sol.): 7-9
Oil and silicon removal force: ≥95%

It is used in pre-treatment process for removing of oil and silicon, scouring on cotton, Staple rayon, and blended fabrics such as poly-cotton blends. It can effectively remove oil stains and silicone oil on the fabrics and exhibits wetting, emulsifying, abstergent and dispersing functions. It is also applicable in spandex, nylon fabrics as oil and silicon remover, with no impact on gloss.

Packing and Storage:
125kg per plastic drum. Keep in a cool and dry place. Shelf time: 1 year.


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