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Details for China Anti migrating Agent

Anti migrating Agent

Category :

Catalyst and Auxiliary/Textile Auxiliary Agent

Anti migrating Agent
MF :
MW :
Product description : HX-857anti-migrating agent

HX-857anti-migrating agent

Product Property

Appearance: Light yellow thick liquid

Ionicity: anionic


1.Forma layer of film on the surface of the fabric.Use its strong ability of combining with water , reducing dye free motion along with  the evaporation of water .Use the characteristic of its molecular chain,reducing dye free motion in high temperature,to prevent the dye migration caused by the drying after pad dyeing.

2. It’s suitable for paddyeing of T/C fabric, linen and cotton fabric.

3. Dosage:5-20g/l.

Packing and storage

50kg or 125kg per plastic drum.


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