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About Us
Located in Shangyu Industrial Park of Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang province, Zhejiang Dongying Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and trade of Cephalosporin sterile APIs and Oral APIs. Dongying was wholly purchased by Guobang Group   and became a subsidiary of Guobang Group in April, 2013. Guobang Group is a large pharmaceutical and chemical group of China, and a specialized manufacturer of Pharmaceutical materials and Veterinary drugs. Relying on the advanced culture, matured technology management team and sales team, Guobang Group has successfully sold its products into more than 100countries in the world. At present, Dongying Pharmaceutical is the manufacturing place of Guobang Group for Cephalosporin products; through sharing its unique resources such as culture, management, sale and technology with Dongying, Guobang Group has greatly improved the competence of Dongying Pharmaceutical, and provide powerful guarantee to the rapid development of Dongying Pharmaceutical. Now, our main products include seven sterile APIs (Cefodizime sodium, Ceftezole Sodium, Cefoxitin Sodium, cefminox sodium, Cefuroxime Sodium, Cefpirome sulfate, Cefathiamidine) and four non-sterile APIs (Cefteram Pivoxil, Cefpiramide, Cefprozil, Cefalexin).   A, Throughput. Covering an area of 40,020sqm, we have 30,000m2 of plants, and complete QC, storage, power and environmental facilities. Now, we annually can produce 50 tons of Cephalosporin sterile APIs and 100 tons of Pharmaceutical intermediates and Oral APIs. Under the supports of 6,000m2 of Air conditioning purification area, we have the ability to produce 150 tons of Cephalosporin APIs every year. Moreover, we built low temperature storage facilities for the storage of Cephalosporin APIs; there is a well-operated environmental processing facility in our company too.   B, Quality assurance There is a well-established QC system in our company now: our Quality Assurance Department is in charge of the operation of quality management system, and our quality inspection department is in charge of the analysis of product quality. Now, our quality inspection department is consisted of Reagent room, chemical analysis room, thermotechnical room, precise instrument room, balance room, standard chemical room and storage & reserved sample room. Especially, we establish independent clean area, which is consisted of sterile examination room, microbial limit examination room, positive control room, examination room and so on. Equipped with complete inspection instruments such as LC and infrared, we have the good abilities to offer excellent service to daily production of our company.   C, Certificates. Zhejiang Dongying Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. strives to be a specialized research, development and production enterprise of Cephalosporin antibiotics:  We got two GMP certificates of sterile APIs (Cefoxitin Sodium, Ceftezole Sodium) in 2010, and two GMP certificates of Oral APIs (Cefteram Pivoxil, Cefpiramide) in 2011. After the new GMP regulation was lunched in 2010, we made innovation and updates both on hardware and software, and successfully obtained the new  GMP certificates of  four sterile APIs (Cefodizime sodium, Cefoxitin Sodium, Ceftezole Sodium, Cefathiamidine) at the end of 2012. Hence, we became the earliest GMP (version 10) approved manufacturer in the Cephalosporin antibiotic industry of China.
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