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Details for China Supercritical paprika oleoresin

Supercritical paprika oleoresin 465-42-9

Category :

Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals/Herbal Plant Extract

Supercritical paprika oleoresin
CAS NO : 465-42-9
EC NO : 207-364-1
MF : C40H56O3
MW : 584.8708
Specification : (66,000CU-150,000CU
Packing : 25kgs/drum
Product description : Paprika Red Pigment Specification 1.1.Oil-soluble Appearance:Dark red liquid,soluble in lipin,ethanol etc. insoluble in water Specification: Color value 100??250 E (66,000CU??150,000CU) Capsaicin content:≤ 0.01% Solvent Residual:≤ 25PPM As:≤ 2.0mg/kg Pb:≤ 3.0mg/kg 2.Water-soluble Appearance:Red liquid, dispersed evenly in the water. Specification: Color value 10??90 E (6,600CU~60,000CU) Capsaicin content:≤ 0.005% Solvent Residual:≤ 25PPM As:≤ 2.0mg/kg Pb:≤ 3.0mg/kg
Uses : Natural food additives
Synonyms : Capsanthin(=paprika;E 160c;Sodium 4-Methyl Benzene Sulfinate;(3R,3'S,5'R)-3,3'-dihydroxy-beta,kappa-caroten-6'-one;
Molecular Structure : Supercritical paprika oleoresin 465-42-9