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Details for China Sodium Acetate Trihydrate

Sodium Acetate Trihydrate 6131-90-4

Category :

Organic chemicals and Derivatives/Others

Sodium Acetate Trihydrate
CAS NO : 6131-90-4
EC NO : 204-814-9
MF : C2H3O2Na·3(H2O)
MW : 136.08
Packing : net in 25kg plastic woven bag
Product description : Appearance White crystal Purity 99.0 %min Al 0.2ppm.max Ca&Mg 0.005%max Fe 0.0003%max Chloride (Cl) 0.035%max Sulphate (SO4) 0.005%max Heavy metal (as Pb) 10ppm.max Arsenic (As) 2ppm.max PH (5% water solution) 7.5-9.0 Loss weight (120℃ drying condition) 38.5%-41.0% we have pharmaceutical grade, food grade,industrial grade
Uses : pharmaceutical, food additive,leather manufacture,dyeing and printing
Synonyms : Acetic acid sodium salt trihydrate;Sodium acetate trihydate;Sodium Acetate, Trihydrate;Sodium acetate trihydrate;Sodium acetate,trihydrate;Trihydrate Sodium Acetate;Sodium Acetate trihyddrate;
Molecular Structure : Sodium Acetate Trihydrate 6131-90-4