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Details for China HTN-FK Barium Sulfate Natural

HTN-FK Barium Sulfate Natural 7727-43-7

Category :

Paint and Coatings/Powder Coating

HTN-FK Barium Sulfate Natural
CAS NO : 7727-43-7
EC NO : 231-784-4
MF : BaSO4
MW : 233.3907
Specification : white powder
Packing : 25KG bag
Product description :

Barium Sulfate Natural HTN-FK

Main contents (DIN.EN.ISO.3262, PT.2)



Mean grain size D50 (SC. method)



Oil absorption (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.10)



Dry brightness (ISO.7724)



PH value (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.9)



Volatility at 105 °C (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.2)





Barium Sulfate Natural HTN-FK


With 13g / 100g oil absorption, HOTEN SUPER FINE HTN may effectively improve the concentration of the critical material in coating, reduce the level of addition of the resin or solvent in formulas and cut down costs.

The optimal leveling property of HOTEN SUPER FINE can be maintained even in relatively high filler level. The rhombic or ramiform barium sulphate crystals of HOTEN SUPER FINE HTN uniformly distribute in coating and effectively stop or reduce the formation of light reflecting area. The gloss of coating varies depending on the different finenesses of HOTEN SUPER FINE HTN products.

Therefore it is recommended for controlling the manufacture and production of gloss type products. In addition, the optimal fluidity of and mean grain size D50< 1.0um of HOTEN SUPER FINE HTN make it well combine with the resin in formulas, thereby resulting in dense and tough final products.

Uses : powder coating ,plastic .ect.,
Synonyms : C.I. 77120;C.I. Pigment White 21;Barite;Bariumsulfate,precipitated;Bariumsulfate;bariumsulfuricum;barium sulphate PRECIPITATED;Blanc fixe;barium sulfuricum;Baryte;Barytes;Barium sulphate;pricipitated Barium sulphate;
Molecular Structure : HTN-FK Barium Sulfate Natural 7727-43-7