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Details for China HY-738B Organic Bentonite

HY-738B Organic Bentonite 68153-34-4

Category :

Catalyst and Auxiliary

HY-738B Organic Bentonite
CAS NO : 68153-34-4
EC NO : 268-880-0
MF : ·
MW :
Specification : HY-738B
Packing : antistatic big bag or kraft paper bag
Product description : Product features: HY-738B organic bentonite is a kind of newly modified rheological additive with high effectiveness of geling and thixotropy, it is easy to disperse and its dispersing fineness is very small. It can be used with many products with low to medium polarity solvent system. HY-738B has the same function with those abroad products like Bentonite 34, TIXOGELMP, TIXOGELVP and so on. It is widely applied in the areas such as paint, ink, sealant, oil drilling and lubricating grease. And it has the functions as below: (1) High viscosity: the product has high gel viscosity and strong thixotropy in low to medium polarity solvent system or resin system. (2) Easy to disperse: under the action of moderate polarity activator, the speed of dispersing and geling becomes faster, and the dispersing fineness is very small. (3) Anti-sediment: our products have the property of anti-sagging in the system. Appearance, physical and chemical indexes Appearance Loss on ignition % 32~35 Granularity(<0.076mm) (mesh)% ≥95 Moisture content % 0.8~3.5 Viscosity,Pa·s ≥0.9 Operation method HY—738B can be dispersed at normal temperature, we suggest to make pre gel first, add before grinding, and high speed shearing equipments are necessary to have the best dispersing effectiveness. HY—738B needs polarity activator to make it fully dispersed, the applicable polarity activators are as follows:carbinol/water (95/5), ethanol/water(95/5)and acetone(95/5).The amount added of polarity activators can be adjusted according to the different systems. Generally speak, the appliable amount is 30-50% of the organic bentonite. Operation amount: The amount of HY-738B added to the system is generally 0.2-3.0% of total weight. Packiaging and storage: Brown paper packages plus internal polyethylene film bags, or paper packages with valve mouths are used. The weight of each package is generally 25±0.25 kg according to customer demands. Keep it in dry places with temperature of 0℃-30℃. The quality guarantee period is 36 months.
Uses : paint; ink; sealant; oil drilling; lubricating grease
Synonyms : Quaternary ammonium compounds, (hydrogenated tallow alkyl)trimethyl, salts with bentonite;Trimethyl(hydrogenated tallow)ammonium bentonite