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Details for China Canthaxanthin

Canthaxanthin 514-78-3

Category :

Dyestuffs and Pigments

CAS NO : 514-78-3
EC NO : 208-187-2
MF : C40H52O2
MW : 564.8397
Packing : 5kg aluminum foil bag with vacuum, 4bags/ctn
Product description : Canthaxanthin isone of more than six hundred-pluscarotenoids, and it is an essential pigment agent. The pigmentation of egg yolk, chicken skin and shank is a natural process. Since unable to synthesize canthaxanthin, birds must obtain it from diets and deposit it in skin and fat. Due to that the canthaxanthin was insufficient in poultry feed, the appearance of chickens are unable to become into the favorable yellowish colour to meet the demand of consumers. Hence, it is necessary to add this pigment into diet formulation in order to satisfy consumer’s buying habit. Following extensive application, Wisdem®Red is proven effective and safe for pigmenting egg yolk and chicken skin. Feature Special double-coating of Wisdem®Red improves stability yet quickly absorbable Spherical granule, free-flowing for good mixing and uniform distribution in feeds It is stable in premixs and feeds Ingredient content (canthaxanthin content) WisdemRed 2.5%, Min. 2.5% WisdemRed 10.0%, Min. 10.0% Storage Kept in cool & dry place and away from sunlight and high temperature. Valid period 24 months with original packing(under the above conditions), use up ASAP. after opening
Synonyms : C.I. Food Orange 8;E 161g;beta,beta-carotene-4,4'-dione;(7cis,9cis,11cis,13cis)-beta,beta-carotene-4,4'-dione;
Molecular Structure : Canthaxanthin 514-78-3