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Details for China Silver chloride

Silver chloride 7783-90-6

Category :


Silver chloride
CAS NO : 7783-90-6
EC NO : 232-033-3
MF : AgCl
MW : 143.3212
Specification : Ag≥75.0%
Packing : 5,10,20,500g /bottle
Product description :

  Product name: Silver chloride

  Cas No: 7783-90-6

  EINECS No:232-033-3

  Molecular formula: AgCl

  Molecular weight: 143.32

  Specification: Ag≥75.0%

  Appearance:White powder. Become purple when meet light and gradually become black. Density (25 degrees g/mL C): 5.56. The melting point (S. C): 455. Boiling point (S. C, atmospheric pressure): 1550. Soluble in ammonia, potassium cyanide, sodium thiosulfate, ammonium carbonate solution, slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid, insoluble in water, ethanol or dilute acid.

  Application: Photometric determination. Photograph. Electroplate.

  Packing: 5,10,20,500g /bottle

Uses : Photometric determination. Photograph. Electroplate.
Synonyms : AgCl; cerargyrite; chlorargyrite; hornsilver; Mark II naturalizer; Silver chloride; ;silver(1+) chloride;
Molecular Structure : Silver chloride 7783-90-6