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caustic soda 1310-73-2

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Organic chemicals and Derivatives/Phenol compounds

caustic soda
CAS NO : 1310-73-2
EC NO : 215-185-5
MW : 41.0045
Specification : Grade standard: Industrial GradeChemical Name: sodium hydroxide, Other Name: caustic soda 1) Purity :99%,96% 2) White crystal and flakes 3) ISO9001 approval 4) sample is available
Packing : 25KGS/BAG PP or 1000kgs /bag
Product description : Caustic Soda Chemical Property: Caustic soda is a white crystal of strong corrosivity at normal temperatures. Caustic soda can dissolve in water easily, its water solution is alkali and it can make phenolphthalein red. Sodium hydroxide is one of the most popular alkalis, and it is essential medicines in chemical laboratory. Its solution can be used for washing liquid. Caustic Soda Usages & Storage caustic soda is widely used in a variety of industrial that the normal usage of caustic soda for industry including: chemical processing (40%), pulp and paper manufacturing (17%), water treatment (5%), alumina production (8%), soaps, detergents, textile processing (12%), and miscellaneous (25%). caustic soda:as a Class 8 Corrosive Substances, due to its corrosivity, careful storage and safety in production are needed, such as personnel has to wear protective equipment during the procedure of handling and storage. Keep it in a closed container in a dry warehouse.
Uses : Oil drilling;refining operation contain impurities
Synonyms : Caustic soda;lye, caustic;sodium hydrate;soda lye;white caustic;caustic soda flakes;flake caustic;caustic soda solid;caustic soda pearls;solid caustic soda;Liquid Caustic Soda;Food Additives Sodium Hydroxide;Caustic soda flake;Solid Sodium hydroxide;Caustic Soda;Sodium Hydrate;Liquid CS;
Molecular Structure : caustic soda 1310-73-2