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About Us

Zhejiang Dajing Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale chemical enterprise founded by Zhejiang Runtu Stock Co., Ltd. and Hongkong Donggang Company. The main products are sodium hydrosulfite, vitriol, sulfur dioxide, sodium meta-bisulphite, hydrogen peroxide, sodium formate and chlor-alkali.

Founded in 2003, our company is located Zhejiang Runtu ecological industrial park-Weiqilu, Hangzhouwan chemical zone, Zhejiang, with 270mu of lands and a planning investment of RMB 0.40 billion yuan. After all the projects are finished, it will be able to produce RMB 0.80 billion yuan of products per year.

Through adopting leading equipment and latest producing method , all the by-products from manufacturing process can be handled and reused synthetically. We are a advocate of Cyclic Economy and Cleaner Production.

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Tel : +86-575-82727977
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Fax : +86-575-82727768
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