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polyester powder coating

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Paint and Coatings/ Others

polyester powder coating
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Specification : thermoset powder coating
Packing : carton
Product description : Base: "A" series recommended indoor applications. This coating shows super resistance to alkali. "B" series is designed for high coverage due to a low specific gravity Application: Car parts, oil piple, Light fixture, Garden tools Availability: Color: Various. Gloss range: 5%-95% Surface: smooth & textured & wrinkle & hammer Characteristics: Density: 1.2-1.8 Storage: Store in a dry place in closed packages at a temperature below 25°C. Safety information: Consult the safety date sheet specific to each product. Coating Characteristics: Coatings film has excellent abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance, particularly in contact with alkaline product, common use solvents. 1. Chemical Characteristics: Items Standard result Salt Spray ASTM B 117 Pass-no corrosion Creep > 2mm Cyclic Humidity BS3900-F2 Pass-no blistering or loss of gloss Distilled Water Immersion (240 hours) BS3900-F7 Pass-no blistering or loss of gloss Chemical Resistance Generally good resistance to acids, and oils, and excellent to alkalis 2. Mechanical Tests: Items Standard result Flexibility BS3900-E11 Pass 3mm (Conical Mandrel) Adhesion ASTM D3363 1H Impact ASTM D2794 Pass 2.5 joules direct and Reverse * All tests, unless noted otherwise, were performed on 24 gauge Bonder panels electrostatically sprayed at 60um. * In case of very specific utilization, the user has to control by himself if the product fulfill all requirements.
Uses : protect the metal
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